Allied International Corporation
is a leading purveyor of packaged
foods with exceptional value and
quality. For over three decades we
have gathered the necessary
experience and expertise in this field
and have established a remarkable
reputation in the US and the 50
countries around the world that we
work with.

We offer over 400 SKU's under Allied’s own established brands such as Forrelli, Cambridge & Thames, American Valley and Smith & Johnson to name a few. Our products offer attractive and innovative packaging with an exceptional value. Attention to detail and quality has positioned Allied International Corporation as one of the leading quality food providers in various markets. Our goal is to continue our growth and always offer our valued customers new and exciting products.

At Allied International, our mission is to offer a wide variety of high-volume quality products with attractive packaging at the most competitive price and the highest level of customer satisfaction.


- Expand our business in an environment that promotes honesty, and respect towards our customers, suppliers and employees.

- Increase our sales by:
Continually adding to our line of quality products at competitive prices.
Increasing our customer base in our existing markets while creating
new ones.
Decreasing our out of stock inventory to reduce backorders.
Always striving to better serve our customers.

- Create a working atmosphere that attracts highly talented and
motivated individuals who experience an elevated level of job
satisfaction, are offered an opportunity to grow, and are treated with
integrity and respect.

- Continually assess our company's performance and continually build on spacer our strengths.